Sunday, December 25, 2011

Masgutova Method

April 1, 2014

I have found the (Svetlana) Masgutova Method (MNRI) and hope this may be the final piece of the puzzle for my kids.

To get an idea of it, look at and  watch the Welcome video. Also watch the videos of therapists who use it at

I would have never thought a floor therapy (rather than vitamins or detox program) would offer such powerful changes such as cognitive improvement in a person but it offers that.

I admit that I am impatient; my kids are older and life is starting for them and they are being left behind. I feel I have no time to waste getting them operating normally as their peers do. A Masgutova Method conference costs $5,000 and I took my son John to it in Minneapolis. I spoke with Svetlana one day at lunch and she learned that I was a graphic artist and she knew she needed one. (I could tell she needed one, too.) I can also write and edit which is a big help to her since she doesn't speak English as well as the rest of us. I have to say that now I have worked for her for almost 2 years and she is one the most gracious, loving persons I have ever known. Not to mention brilliant.

I also bring John to see a Core Specialist in Madison, WI (Peg J.). She is really wonderful and I feel so lucky that she would take us on as a client.  We have noticed for years that John has suffered from poor large and small motor control, feet that turn in and are painful, and poor cognition. Could early toxins have caused his reflexes to not develop from the inborn primary reflexes into more advanced ones and caused some of these issues?

During this first session, Peg saw so many reflexes that John needed changing that she had a hard time restricting herself to a few. We started working on the Spinal Perez, Galant, Grasping, STNR, and ATNR reflexes. We do them daily at home (a challenge) and with Peg weekly. While doing them, it does not seem like anything could possibly come from it, but it does. The Archetype Reflexes from the DVD sure gives our spine a workout.

The first thing we have noticed is that John's feet stopped hurting when he stood and ran. He had been given inserts for his shoes by a podiatrist but his feet still hurt until he had the Masgutova therapy. We now see changes in his hands. There were many things he could not do with the immature reflexes in his hands: write well, cook, use utensils well, etc. I am also interested in the cognitive changes that come, too. His torso is locked up and Peg believes that until we get that working, his hands may not come. John was severely depressed for a long time and then, even after that, he seemed to have no self love. He could not imagine why someone could even like him. No amount of praise seemed to make a difference. But after the second MNRI conference, that just disappeared. Was amazing. The thing about MNRI is that it does take years to see improvement or at least a lot of doing the therapy. It can be done be a parent or a therapist but it just does need to be done. They are happy to train us but we just need to take the time. The conferences are intensive and, as a result, have a big and quick impact.

What I have found from our long and expensive 8 year path is that there has not been one thing to be the magic bullet to healing my kids. There have been many, many small caliber bullets but, when put all together, have made a big difference. In fact, they have made ALL the difference. A big piece was been the supplements. The Masgutova Method is proving to be another big impact, and one that is really changing John cognitively.

The one important bullet that I hope to receive from Masgutova is getting rid of Les' seizures. I talked specifically to Svetlana about that and she said, almost with surprise, "Oh, that is one of the things that it does best!" Pretty amazing. Everyday it seems that something that I thought we would have to endure and live with for our entire life, is actually treatable—and without medication! I believe the ticket for Leslie will be a combination of the Healing Code and MNRI. I will take her to a 11 day conference in Poland this June, 2014.

It is pretty amazing stuff and so is Svetlana. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met: driven, tough, but extremely sensitive, and compassionate.


  1. Can you send Pam Johnson's contact info to my email address I have a daughter who we would like to try MNRI on and we are up in Stevens Point, my parents live in Portage, so this might work for us.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Lepak

  2. Michelle,

    Sorry I have not contacted you sooner. I hope you found Peg's address by now. If not, it is My email is As you might be able to tell, this blog is a little foreign to me still.