Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The new world of vitamins

We found far better quality and less expensive source of vitamins with Melaleuca than what we were using. When I began using them, we could tell a difference in how I felt on the very first day of taking them. Previously, we took specific vitamins for each need: vitamin C, zinc, etc. but these are a blend which I generally try to avoid but they work so much better that it is very worth it. John takes the 'Vitality 6' which includes their "Heart Health" product which has a strong anti-inflammatory. We have found that it very effectively keeps his depression at bay—better than the Repair Gold enzymes (which cost $240 per month) we used for years. The savings is very substantial; we save at least $200 per month on vitamins and they work much better.

(Caution: John had a Herxheimer reaction to the supplements at first. Although it was a problem, I knew it was a sign that these vitamins were really going to help him, so after he recovered three days later from his severe depression, I cut the tablets in half and reduced the dose until he was taking a full dose of Vitality 4 in two week's time.)

After using the new vitamins for a few weeks, I took all my old ones and put them in a laundry basket and gave them away. (hundreds of dollars of supplements.) These were expensive name brand vitamins but who likes to swallow pills that aren't that effective?

My biggest regret with Melaleuca products is that I did not find them years ago. John lost his diagnosis after being on them for only 6 months—imagine how much sooner he could have recovered if we had found them years ago?

So John is no longer really symptomatic of Aspergers but he still has residual issues like cognitive delay, some empathy issues, disorganization, etc. We now need to find an answer to those areas for him to function successfully in school and work.

Les had substantial issues as she has graduated from High School and is taking classes and working. Too much coffee shop coffee and too little eating real food, for one. She is beautiful and very kind and gracious so she gets too much attention from boys, also. Her difficulties hampered her attempts getting a license and doing well in school.

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