Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Healing Code

March 30, 2014

I purchased the book The Healing Code by Alex Loyd & Ben Johnson. It is quite an amazing book. The Healing Code uses quantum energy to heal and anyone can do it--to yourself, your child, your pet, even plants. All living things respond to quantum energy. I must say, however, that at first I didn't feel much energy when I am doing The Code.
I think this book saved my life. I had chronic stress from an employment situation in my life and it was killing me slowly. I could not get over the stress of it. My sinus problems and arthritis were getting so much worse, I thought I would have to quit gardening. But the first thing I noticed when I started the HC was that, although I was focusing on healing my chronic sinus issues, it was the total loss of pain from arthritis in my legs that came first. Days later, however, I noticed my sinuses draining while doing The Codes. After about a week and a half, I noticed further improvement in my sinuses. Then, however, I caught a terrible cold and was incapacitated for 2 days which I now realize was a Herxheimer effect. Now I use it if I have a flu or cold—15 minutes of HC done twice a day will generally knock it down. It comes back the next day and I do it again. But I can work, feel good, and continue on. I have also used it remotely for friends that have had major life altering stress (death of spouse, chronic pain) and it makes such a difference, I am so grateful that I have this tool. I have given away about 30 books to people who need it. Some never open it, others call me and are so grateful. It has made a huge difference in my mental, emotional, and physical health and I am finally able to move forward. 

John: I have learned that to really make a big difference, I need to put some serious time in it. If I can do it about an hour a day, that is what it takes for the big stuff. Autism? Yes, it can make a big impact but the HC is best used with other interventions, like diet changes (, supplements, etc. and it can boost the affect of those (but it takes a lot of time). 

Some people have better energy for the HC than others. I am kinda 'dense' and don't have as good of energy for it as others but I can feel the energy coming from my fingers. I think my practice has helped this develop as I didn't feel it at first. 

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