Sunday, October 3, 2010

The world of supplements

Other than taking a Vitamin C daily, I have never taken many supplements. The standard AMA response to supplements is, "If you eat a healthy diet, you don't need supplements," and we do eat healthy; I cook a lot using fresh ingredients and produce, generally from scratch.

However, after realizing that the good old AMA damaged my kids, first, with their vaccination schedule, then with antibiotics (messing up their gut), then tried unsuccessfully to suppress their symptoms with SSRIs, I have learned to ignore the AMA. They have their own end and, more and more, that end seems to be to promote big pharma—at our expense.

One of the treatments with the biomedical protocol has been to supplement heavily. Our kid's intestines (and often other organs) aren't working properly so supplementation is one thing that helps. We give higher (than normal) doses of supplements because, firstly, not as much nutrients gets metabolized as with other kids, and secondly, that seems to be what is needed to get the desired effect.

My kids take cod liver oil, Vit. C (2 types), magnesium, Lugol's iodine, digestive enzymes, specific target enzymes, zinc, Neem Plus, and now, a new product called Brain Vibrance (BV) by VRP. (Dropped the Brain Vibrance.) We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately, it is all a big experiment with our kids hanging in the balance. They take a handful of supplements, morning and night; not ideal but it does help and that is what is important.

I am cutting back on our vision therapy for Les. I think her vision has improved enough, even if it hasn't gotten up to the optimal level. John is still getting vision therapy and it is helping him hugely. He has farther to go than Les did.

At least Les can read better; now to help her think about what she is reading.

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