Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good days, bad days

Five years later, John was about 80% recovered. Some days I wondered how accurate that guesstimate is but usually it seemed to be true.

Variations in his life, school, really made him anxious, partly because he had to struggle so. He so much wanted to do well; his parents are educated and he had all the values that go with it but learning eluded him. It was a big frustration which is understandable. So cognition improvement was high on our list of needs for him.

Les, his sister, was doing better, too. She seemed to always have suffered from a low thyroid function; she found exercise hard to do, had little energy, was cold easily--especially her hands and feet. But fours years after we have started the biomedical protocol, she finds exercise easier to do and was now enjoying her PE class as a high school senior.

Both John and Les took substantial amounts of supplements, at this time, as part of their therapy. The supplements have made a big difference in their functioning. Iodine (Lugol's) has helped Les' thyroid, zinc has helped them both become healthier as they can generate new cells easier now, and probiotics have helped the functioning of their intestines. Specific enzymes (Repair Gold by Enzymedica) target inflammation and have tremendously reduced John's horrible depression and he is now off all medications. Les still takes medication for seizures and still is not quite where she should be cognitively. Otherwise, she is an exceptionally fun, empathetic, and lovely girl with few mood swings.

We also spent $14,000 on Hyperbaric Treatments with the facility in Fitchburg (Madison). It helped John's chronic depression a lot and led us to ultimately realize that inflammation in his brain was causing this. That said, I wish I had the $14,000 back so I could use it on less expensive anti-inflammatory products that I now know about. (At the time—2006—it was a huge break through, though.)

One of the early things that we did for John when he was about 14 was to hire a young male friend (Nathan) whom John looked up to and was into body building to introduce John to body building. We were members of the YMCA and I bought Nathan a membership, too, and paid him $10 an hour to work with John. Later, when John was in high school, he was too uncoordinated to do well at most sports so he signed up for weight lifting for PE. When he graduated and decided he did not want to get fat, he started going to the Y again and started lifting. Eventually, as he recovered from autism, I believe the sweating he did while he was exercising was of great benefit.

Sometimes, it is the seeds planted early that eventually give huge benefits.

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